Make America FUN Again

Elect "Coach DAVE" Barlavi for Saugus School Board - 1

Coach Dave's Platform

Make America FUN Again!

Everything in life should be FUN and enjoyable, including politics.  This is especially true when it comes to the education and well-being of our kids, grand-kids, teachers, and school staff & administrators.  But in recent years, we've lost the "FUN" of America.  Fortunately, we can get America's FUN back with a new attitude toward our neighbors, communities and public service.   

Our kids need to know that whatever differences we adults may have, we are still able to work together to improve their lives and futures. Our teachers need to know that their jobs are safe, and that there is sufficient upward mobility in education to attract and keep the best of the best.  Teachers, staff and administrators need to know that they can work together as a team without the worry of undue official, political or social pressures making their jobs less FUN.  

Join Coach Dave to...

Make America FUN Again!

Kids and Teachers Come First

When it come to the ongoing success and prosperity of our communities, our kids and their teachers are the most important parts.  We have to make sure our kids are having FUN while getting the best education from happy, excited teachers.  

I believe children are our most important gifts, and our teachers are America's most important adults.

We also have to make sure all of our children are safe from the "3 B's" - 

Bullies, Bullets and Bias.  

Kids also need to learn how to get and stay healthy in body and mind, and how to be good citizens.  That's why Coach Dave will implement the "Every Kid in Sports, Music & Art" (EKSMA) project.  Every student will be involved in sports, music and/or the Arts from kindergarten on up, whether it be through their schools, the city, or local private leagues.  

That's why Coach Dave needs you to...


Get Involved

We need the whole community to be involved in our children's education.  From parents, to school board members, to teachers, to staff, to friends and neighbors.  I call for the whole Santa Clarita Valley to get involved in the betterment of our schools.  That's why Coach Dave will implement the "Adopt a Service" project.  Every resident in the SCV will be able to go to the Adopt a Service website or office and get involved.  My first contribution to the community will be to donate 100% of my board member salary to the Every Kid in Sports & Music and Adopt a Service projects.

Another important project will be to activate our community to demand higher K-12 school funding from apathetic politicians in Sacramento.  California has fallen from being in the top 10 states for school funding, to now a miserable 46th!  My goal is to bring our schools into the top 20 states by 2020, and back into the top 10 in the country by 2022.  


Meet Coach Dave

Father, Grandfather, Coach

My wife and I have two wonderful children and an amazing 4 year old grandson, all of whom are almost 100% educated in the SCV.  I've coached over 100 local kids in basketball, flag football and soccer through the city league and AYSO since 2005.  Every team I coach, I take the kids on a day long field trip to my alma mater, UCLA (BA in Physics/Women's Studies), so they learn the importance of college early.   I have also been a Big Brother with Big Brother Big Sister for over 10 years. My Little Brother is an adult now and lives in Oxnard, CA, but we are still brothers.

Attorney at Law

I am a tax, trust and estate planning attorney here in the SCV.  I've had my home and law office here in Valencia since 2004.  I employ 3 local residents, 2 of whom I hired from the College of the Canyons paralegal program.  I also hired a local student who graduated from Tulane Law and recently passed her CA Bar.  Visit us at

Let's Meet

I want to have coffee with you.  

I want to hear your opinions.  

I want to hear your concerns.  

I want to hear your suggestions.  

I really do.  Call, text or email me and we'll get together.  I'm the friendliest guy you'll ever meet.

I want to know your thoughts about:

- Board term limits

- Board member background checks

- School funding

- Charter schools vs. teacher's unions

- School technology and equipment

- Financially disadvantaged families

- Minority issues

- After School programs

- Books vs. video games

- Standardized testing

- Homework

- School food and snacks

- Sports and playgrounds 

- Science, the arts and music

- Public pre-schooling

- Traffic and street safety

- Field trips (to UCLA, USC, CSUN...)

- Any other subject on your mind...

Cell: (818) 571-0789 (text ok)

Office: (661) 775-0237



Campaign Manager: Ashley Calkins (Saugus Student)

Volunteer Coordinator: Stacy Fortner (Valencia Mom)

Marketing Director: Gretchen Zovak (SCV Mom, Veteran)

I Don't Want Your Money!

Coach Dave wants to win this campaign without having to spend all his time asking for money. But I still need your help to win.  

Please help get the word out about Coach Dave for Saugus School Board and... MakeAmericaFunAgain.CO 

Important Dates

Please let us know if you have any registration or election related questions. 


Absentee Ballots are Mailed to Voters

Your Mailbox

+ Event Details


Absentee Ballots are Mailed to Voters

Check your mailboxes for your absentee mail-in ballots.  Don't forget to sign and stamp your envelope.

Your Mailbox


Deadline to Register to Vote

+ Event Details


Deadline to Register to Vote

Register to vote NO LATER THAN October 22, 2018 at


Election Day Party

8:01 pm - 1 am

Location TBA

+ Event Details


Election Day Party

Vote on or before November 06, 2018, then come join Coach Dave and local Dems for the best election night party in the SCV.

Register to vote at

8:01 pm - 1 am

Location TBA

Coach Dave's Area 1 District Map

Click to see if you live in Coach Dave's district.

Area 1 map (jpg)


Also vote for...

On Nov. 6th, ALSO VOTE FOR:


US CONGRESS - Katie Hill

CA ASSEMBLY - Christy Smith

LAC SHERIFF - Alex Villanueva

SCV CITY COUNCIL - Logan Smith + Diane Trautman + Brett Haddock (you get 3 votes)


- Chris Trunkey

- Chris Werthe or Donna Robert

- Kelly Trunkey

- Laura Arrowsmith and... 

- yours truly, David "CD" Barlavi  :)


- Tony Thurmond

Other FUN Facts...

The Saugus Union School District serves 15 amazing K-6 schools. 

17 year olds can register to vote, and can vote on Nov. 6th if they are 18 by then.

You can register to vote on up to October 22, 2018.  But don't wait, and ask to vote by mail ("absentee").

You can mail in your absentee ballot even on election day, just don't forget to sign and stamp the envelope.  Or you can take your mail-in ballot to any polling (voting) station.

If you lose your mail-in ballot, you can ask for a new one.  If it's too late, or you are away from home on election day, Nov. 6th, you can vote at any polling place in CA by "provisional ballot." 

You can find your polling place on your voter ballot or at

Here's another good source for voter info:


Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, meet Coach Dave in person!

Coach Dave would love to meet with you to answer any of your questions or concerns.  

Just contact us for an appointment.

Make American FUN Again

25060 Avenue Stanford #235, Valencia, CA 91355

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